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Dedicated IP Address For Your Website:
CBS Inc. Offers a unique, dedicated IP Address to its Web hosting clients. Almost all of our competitors have gone to a only shared IP address setup in order to save money, but we refuse to lessen our service regardless of savings.
Advantages Of Dedicated IP Address For Your Website:

Faster Load Time

Dedicated Resources – Your site will not be affected by other sites.

Unique Identity – Your Web site will not be affected by the actions of other sites.

Disadvantages Of Shared IP Address For Your Website:

Slower Load Time

Shared Resources – Your site will compete against all other sites on the server for resources.

Shared Identity – If another Website hosting on the same server as your Web site is involved in SPAM or other illegal or unethical practices, the victim will most likely block the offender. When they are blocked it will be based on the shared IP address and affect ALL sites on that server. Examples of effects are search engine banishment and emails blocked from certain recipients. Also some older Web browsers do not support shared IP addresses and will not be able to view your site at all.
For small to medium-sized businesses, CBS offers  affordable commercial website hosting packages give you quality service, a reliable presence and lots of extras at no extra charge. Company email, C-Panel access for maintenance, domain registration and CBS experienced advice are just a few.

To learn more about what’s right for you, Talk to one of our specialists.